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Types of Therapies

Gottman method couples therapy builds upon decades of clinical research and experience regarding how real people make a commitment to developing effective loving couple relationships that last. Angry/abusive words may harm work, intimate, family or friend relationships. Therapy helps couples and/or individuals to experience healthier relationships by developing new knowledge, skills and strategies to become better friends, to build intimacy, to understand each other, and to manage conflict respectfully. Such partners support each other and create trust by being able to be counted on. This respect also provides a healthy framework for family relationships, as children learn about relationships from their parents’ model.
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is a well established mental health intervention used by psychologists. It involves helping clients to become more effective at managing the inter-relationships between their thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and behaviour, by understanding/challenging the distortions and biases they use to interpret events and which underlie their symptoms of distress. The client is actively involved in learning new ways of thinking to combat anxiety, depression, crisis and stress and to improve intimate relationships.
Meta-Cognitive Therapy (MCT) also helps clients to learn to think more effectively when they face challenges, by focusing on what maintains the unhealthy thinking that leads to emotional distress. Individuals often develop unhealthy patterns of focussing on excessive worry, fixation on potential future threats and rumination/brooding over past events. These general processes are maintained by ineffective coping and harmful self-beliefs. Clients become more aware of the thoughts they have about their thinking and the further emotions they have in response to their emotions. By becoming more aware of how they pay attention to emotions, to self-defeating inner conversations and/or to negative images of oneself/others, clients can learn to coach themselves to counter-balance such distressing processes. A client’s depressed thoughts or anxiety/panic may interfere with sleep, problem solving or work performance. The therapy actively involves the client to improve the consistency of their effort to make healthy changes.
EMDR Therapy helps to accelerate the processes for a client to overcome disturbing events in their life and continue in a healthier direction. Clients may experience understandable and yet still difficult to manage trauma or distress, as a consequence of some recent crisis, e.g., an affair, accident, assault, etcetera. Clients may find that events and feelings that they believed were dealt with in the past, still unexpectedly cause problems. Dr. Croft helps such clients to learn new strategies for letting go and moving forward, while becoming more effective at preventing or counter-balancing similar distress in the future. Such strategies can be applied to improving future performance, as a client strives to enhance their personal development.
Clinical Hypnotherapy uses a natural form of communication used to focus a client's efforts on creating a new pathway to achieving their healthy goals. One practical foundation to this therapy involves relaxed breathing/muscles, creativity and positive suggestions, sometimes in conjunction with personally relevant and brief stories. Some examples of problems that Dr. Croft helps clients deal with involve stress, sleeping, low self-esteem, depressive thoughts, panic and chronic pain. As above, such strategies can be applied to improving a client’s future performance, as they strive to enhance their psychological health.





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Although Dr. Croft provides a wide variety of professional services, the main focus is on the following client concerns.

Couple Relationships

All couple relationships have times when each personʼs needs compete or conflict with each other. Such times usually involve communication challenges about what the other person really thinks or feels. Happiness in the relationship is dependent on how effectively the couple respectfully works through listening, understanding and conflict problem solving towards shared goals. Couples can benefit from psychological counselling to develop new knowledge and skills. They create an effective communication style, which provides a firm foundation for continued growth. Some couples do this as they head into a life long and emotionally intimate relationship. Other couples do so later, when crises continue to interfere with getting their needs met. An affair undermines every couple relationship and too often leads to destruction.

Regardless of the crisis, some couples become utterly discouraged and disconnected. There are negative impacts on the loved ones around them. Without effective help, they believe disentangling from each other is their only option. All couples benefit from creating a healthy intimate relationship that is a better fit to their personalities and values. Some couples do separate and want to do so in the most respectful manner possible, so they can create an effective co-parenting relationship. Regardless of your circumstances, consider using the professional services of Dr. Croft.

Anxiety and Depression

Everyone experiences worry and anxiety. The associated thoughts, feelings, memories and physical sensations can be a source of important cues to pay attention to. They motivate and guide us towards effectively dealing with the people or situations involved. However, too often when we donʼt know how to cope with and use them, we become increasingly overwhelmed by these same helpful cues. Such anxiety can lead to anger and destructive communication with ourselves and within relationships. Such anxiety can lead to us “spinning our wheels” in trying to work through a dilemma until we feel stuck, too often without adequate sleep and with substance use. It is important to develop effective stress management skills, for our personal health not just for coping at work. It is essential to develop our self-awareness of these helpful internal cues and to coordinate them to overcome unsettling anxiety. Improving our problem solving is an important goal that professional services can help us develop. Cognitive behaviour therapy, clinical hypnosis, EMDR and traditional counselling are all effective psychological approaches to alleviating anxiety that are provided by Dr. Croft.

Most of us have temporary periods when we feel “down or blah”. Over time, this mood is replaced with greater happiness, by using our normal coping skills. However, for some of us, these down moods last so long and occur so frequency that we act as if this state of mind is “as good as it gets”. We often experience anxiety coupled with the ongoing depression. Sometimes, it is so hard to imagine how we can get out of the rut or ever stop using medication. For others, depression is an understandable yet diffcult response to a crisis event, like a loss of a loved one. Our mood is often directly related to our self-esteem and how effectively we can make the world “work” in meeting our needs and those of whom we love. Cognitive behaviour therapy, which also focusses on the emotional connections between our mind and body, provides effective strategies for directly dealing with life’s challenges and becoming passionate about life again. Dr. Croft provides such professional services.

Manage Stress

Have you ever wanted to cope with daily stresses more effectively? Do you simply mask the stress by numbing yourself or by avoidance? Does stress seem to pile up until you crash and then it starts all over again? Do you need more energy to do what you want to when you want to, better concentration to fulfill your responsibilities and a restful sleep more often? How did you learn to manage stress and what model are you providing your children? Do you worry that without your current level of stress that you wouldnʼt get as much accomplished? Does stress seem to be making you sick? While you improve the effectiveness of your current coping and stress management skills with professional counselling, Dr. Croft helps you gain new knowledge and skills about other useful strategies. Feel more “alive” more often. Improve the energy balance between your work and the rest of your life, thus helping to prevent burn-out. Dr. Croft will use a variety of cognitive-behavioural strategies to help you to implement these changes, until you successfully incorporate them into your routines.

Career Management

Many people simply “fall” into a career path or job based on a series of circumstances and find themselves quite satisfied. Other people give specific consideration to their personal values, needs, interests, educational abilities and personality in exploring potential career paths before making such a decision. Dr. Croft provides professional assessment services and interviewing, which will inform and guide your efforts when creating a career path or changing your path.